Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Wishes for the New Year

Before we begin our final celebration of this holiday season, I’d like to take some time to thank all of you… my faithful fans, friends and family. I've been blessed to have another successful year in business, and I'm looking forward to continuing on this adventure.

It's been an exciting year, and my business has seen tremendous growth. To celebrate my 1st official  year as a small business, I was able to launch my very own website, back in August 2011. And I have to say thanks to the expertise and support of my husband and a wonderful graphics artist, Leila Ellice Arias, Without the two of them, I'd still be floundering in HTML nonsense!

I was thrilled to introduce a variety of clothing and embroidered items to the Bows By CeCe line. It's still a work in progress, and I still have so much more to still learn. I truly love my work. But... there is more work to be done. My ideas are always evolving and expanding. 

So what's new for 2012?? Definitely more designs and options will be added to my embroidered items. Embroidery digitizing has really fascinated me, and I'd love to learn more than the basics. I may be celebrating my second year with new "branding" and possibly a new website. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. I just know for certain that I could not do it without all of you. 

Thank you and Happy New Year!