Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready for a New Day!

Ever have one of those days that you wish would just end?? That's been my day. I had an awesome start last night on some new really cute Halloween t-shirts...

So this morning, I was eager to do more until...

That is not a happy bobbin. After the 10th time this happened, I decided it was time for some screwdrivers, canned air, tweezers and pliers. I wasn't messing around! Can you believe the size of the dust bunny I pulled out of this thing??

I thought for sure that would fix it, but no luck. Tonight my husband sat down and gutted it. She decided to cooperate for him. I'm excited about my new Halloween items, so tomorrow I'll get back to work now that she's fixed. Let's pray for no more wonky bobbins!

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